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Black Moon Lilith Collection Materia Magica Release 🖤

Dear Friends,


As the absence of the New Moon’s light renders us enshadowed, still nestled deep in the belly of Winter, The Altar(ed) Slate returns its focus to our Black Moon Lilith Collection—a body of sensate devotion: Word and Vision for all and Materia for the established practitioner.


For this current cycle, we highlight the Materia Magica component; each of the four offerings (detailed below) are covertly referenced within the collection’s core text, THE OWL DOOR In Elegia. Available only via The Altar(ed) Slate, this line was charged through the hands of multiple cycles of conjurations and under the lenses of select auspices. *Seeded on the 26th of July 2022, the Hour of the Moon, when the Black Moon Lilith Point conjuncted Venus at 11 degrees Cancer, these works are a labor of a love complete: voluptuous yet thorned, soft but potent, ideal for enhancing devotional workings, Our Lady Lilith at center.


—for asperging—

An ephemeral wash of deep wood & orchard green, Waking Vein is a confluence of flora & fauna corresponding to Our Lady & salt harvested from the Red Sea.

—for anointing —

A rapturous veil of soft-spiced woods & warming floral musks, Blood-Lace is an ambrosial infusion of fallen fruit, bones unearthed, & pheromone.

—for thurifying—

Redolent of night flowers in bloom, Grave Nest is a richly-warming & trance-inducing incense duo, offering a sensuous love-kill impression, of sweet fang & fur musked.


—for casting—

A blood-hued ritual powder, Dust of Ages marks its territories with the resinous spark of wine-soaked blooms & essences both poison & panacea.



As The Altar(ed) Slate thrills in the notion of giving, we have specials to share, available as long as supplies last and through the current moon cycle (2/09/2024 - 3/9/2024):

1. Those who order full sizes from this collection’s Materia line receive, complimentary:


— a 3.5 ml vial of salt harvested from the Red Sea, blessed on the Lunar Samhain when the Dark Moon was in Scorpio (11/13/2023)

— a card of correspondences and Materia considerations for working with Lilith 

— a sample-sized Materia offering of your choosing 


2. ALL orders from this collection, including sample sizes, THE OWL DOOR, and our Preview Catalog, include a hand-written oracle card. Our message—original to all recipients—will come from either:

—a textual divination from THE OWL DOOR In Elegia

—an avian rib-bone toss

—a feather-pattern scry

3. And lastly, in celebration of this release, all orders of THE OWL DOOR In Elegia are 20% off with the coupon code: CEDAR.




Forthcoming, slated now for release on April 8th, 2024, is the emergence of a new journal project and seal of the Black Moon Lilith CollectionSTRIXA: The Black Egg. This debut, a long-envisioned collaboration between authors Robert Fitzgerald and Heatherlie Allison, holds five distinct works of fiction. Seeded with historical lore and creaturely correspondences, each tale breathes life into the next, propelling readers into the unforgiving realms of glass vessels, tunnels of flesh, and apocalyptic wastelands reborn. Together in one hand-bound book, these works convey both the beauty of demise, the bane of devotion: all told with great love for Our Lady. Paired with each tale is an illustration born from blood and dust.


The Black Egg is STRIXA’s premier issue.


In closing, we thank you for your patience with our release-dates adjustments. We encountered much resistance to this work being caught in the flurried height of winter holiday purchases and Mercury’s Retrograde, followed by winter holiday purchase-recovery. With this collection, we trust its voice, its movement, the unexpected morphing of its Spirit, its continual rupture and revision, which in part, all seem to be characteristic of Our Lady Lilith.


Please note: all orders placed this weekend will ship on Monday the 12th of February


In blood-love (to Her) and with gratitude (to you), bidding all a healthful & creative remainder of winter,


Heatherlie Allison

Co-founding Author of Other of Beetles (alongside Snakeroot Works)

*Flowers and good fortune to esteemed astrologers, Austin and Kaitlin Coppock of Sphere & Sundry, original visionaries for a Black Moon Lilith release—for their generosity in sharing the election referenced above and trust in my abilities as a practitioner of the Arte to work with and manifest with the primal force that is Lilith.


**A portion of all proceeds from the Black Moon Lilith Collection have and will be donated to the Brigid Alliance, a renowned travel fund for those who do not have access to abortion healthcare in the US.


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