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by Heatherlie Allison


“She rises to her feet, finds herself dressed in a gown of tawny feathers, a crown of earth-smeared bones. From her forearms emerge the seedlings of quills.” 




THE OWL DOOR In Elegia is a threshold of being and becoming, hinging between forms as a mode to make accessible the metaphysical experience. Through the sacramental release of a pregnancy, the central character, Della, develops a relationship with an owl spirit. Acting as guide, the spirit opens the door to a series of ordeals she must confront in order to reconcile her choices. As a result, Della endures a metamorphosis of a phantasmagorical nature as she seeks to re-create a world of her making. This world, however, occupies no linear territory, and she is thrust from hollow to hollow, sometimes torn apart to be reconstructed in whole new form.


A love story. A magical working. An intimate moiré of multi-dimensional encounters, visceral and visionary. Told upon the tail of a red thread without end or beginning, through a portal-space both gravesite and fledgling nest, THE OWL DOOR In Elegia is a book of devotion and sacrifice, of rupture and return.