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"WAX" from OTHER OF BEETLES: Spring Equinox MMXXIII Release

In celebration of this year’s spring equinox, OTHER OF BEETLES hereby rises to release a publication requested by many of our readers: a collection of selected stories by our co-founding authors. We hope you will welcome with us this upsurge, this dripping, this WAX.

Bringing together thirteen enigmatic stories from the first two volumes of Other of Beetles, WAX carves a metamorphic landscape in flesh. From lantern-lit realms to the prophetic threads of a tapestry, these tales of descent cast their bones upon the body as altar. Included here is “The Mena-Gerrhiean,” a two-part collaborative piece written under the guidance of divination, dream work, and ritual actions. Find WAX here.

Also, as has been the custom with our releases past, we have created a companion incense: PILGRIMAGE: A Ceremonial Incense for Discerning Hallowed Paths. All proceeds from PILGRIMAGE will be donated to The Nature Conservancy, an organization that works to protect and restore the diverse habitats of our planet and all who wander upon it. More about PILGRIMAGE here.


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