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Happy Publication Day to THE OWL DOOR In Elegia!

Wings open, talons out! On this blessed Dark Moon in Scorpio, the Lunar Samhain, The Altar(ed) Slate hereby bids THE OWL DOOR In Elegia by Heatherlie Allison a joyous publication day.

*View release trailer here:



In Elegia

A love story. A magical working. An intimate moiré of multi-dimensional encounters, visceral and visionary.

Dedicated to Our Mother of Darkness and core of our Black Moon Lilith Collection, this book is available in both a limited softcover and digital edition.


As our gift for all, for the duration of the new moon cycle only, downloads of the Black Moon Lilith Collection Preview Catalog are complimentary with the coupon code: LILITH. No purchase required.


Many thanks for reading and for considering your support. We bid all a generative dark season of health and creativity. May the wards of this work guide your way. *Flowers and fire to Patricia Cram of Snakeroot Works & Kevin Gan Yuen of E:Æ:R for their collaborative design work on this book release trailer. **A portion of all proceeds from the Black Moon Lilith Collection will be donated to the Brigid Alliance, an esteemed travel fund for those who do not have access to abortion healthcare in the US.


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