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THE OWL DOOR In Elegia, by Heatherlie Allison—PRE-ORDER

Dear Friends

THE OWL DOOR In Elegia grew its first feathers of flight during its pre-sale period last March. It is now in the hands of many, shore-to-shore in the continental United States, Western and Eastern Europe, from the northern realms of Canada to the belly of South America. On behalf of The Altar(ed) Slate, I would like to formally thank all those who sent questions about it and/or purchased a copy of its special pre-release edition. A portion of its proceeds were donated to The Brigid Alliance, a travel fund for those who do not have access to abortion healthcare in the US.

In celebration of this Dark Moon and the Equinox near, we are now taking pre-orders for the formal softcover edition of THE OWL DOOR. This edition feels like velvet in the hand yet carries a seriousness to the eye, daring the beholder to make a choice: enter—or turn away. Its uncoated 80lb pages are vividly colored, thickly inked with thresholds of word and visual texture. Veering from the initial pre-sale version with some design variation, these books are also signed and numbered in a limited lot of 1,111 copies.

Pre-order THE OWL DOOR In Elegia HERE.

For those who are curious—THE OWL DOOR is the core of a larger curation from The Altar(ed) Slate: the Black Moon Lilith Collection. This collection contains not only a line of devotional offerings but also another publication: a collaboration forthcoming, soon-to-be revealed… For those who would rather know sooner than later—a hand-bound preview catalog detailing the collection’s originations and development is also now available for pre-order. As a gift, pre-orders of THE OWL DOOR will include a complimentary copy of the catalog.

Pre-order the Black Moon Lilith Collection Preview Catalog HERE.

PRE-ORDER LOGISTICS: Available from 14 September –13 October 2023 All orders placed during the pre-order period will ship on Monday, 18 October 2023.

In conclusion, The Altar(ed) Slate offers this transparency: We will continue to use a portion of the proceeds from the Black Moon Lilith Collection to funnel donations to the Brigid Alliance. Wholly respectful and infinitely grateful of the organization’s reach and accomplishments, these donations are unfortunately but a wound-dressing to a much larger fissure in the US. May we all continue to fight for basic human rights, full access to healthcare, and reproductive freedom in whatever capacity we can.

Thank you for taking the time to consider all written here.

May the wards of this work guide your way,

Heatherlie Allison Curator at The Altar(ed) Slate


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