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A rapturous veil of soft-spiced woods & warming floral musks, Blood-Lace is an ambrosial infusion of fallen fruit, bones unearthed, & pheromone.


Possibilities for Usage:

-to perfume the body-as-offering: upon pulse points, energetic channel-points, near or atop sweat glands, etc.

-to add to a pre-working bath to support a shift of focus & enhance visualization

-for anointing ritual tools, mirror frames, the thresholds of physical portal-spaces, etc.



A First-Press Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Extraction of Raw Yemeni Myrrh & Dragon’s Blood Resins, Western Red Cedar Tips, Indonesian Sandalwood, Sri Lankan Cinnamon, Roots of Bulgarian Calamus, Cambodian Galangal, Indian Costus, & Apalachian Spikenard, Peruvian Cocoa Bean, Indian Musk Mallow, Mexican Damiana, Turkish Fig, Common Juniper Berry, Damascus Rose & Opium Poppy Petal, Tiger Lily & Datura Inoxia Blossom, Bone of Wing, Sheath of Claw, & Vitamin E. Charged in-bottle with obsidian.


Specific to the Anointing Balm:

Peruvian Cocoa Butter, Blackberry Blossom Honey, & Beeswax.

"BLOOD-LACE"—An Anointing Oil for Lilithian Devotion


    Ritually-crafted by THE ALTAR(ED) SLATE 

    for the Black Moon Lilith Collection


    Editions & Price Point:

    Anointing Oil:

    20 Milliliters - $88 USD

    Miron Violet Glass Bottle with Pump Cap in a Reusable / Biodegradable Black Tube Jar


    Anointing Oil Solid:

    15 Milliliters - $66 USD

    Miron Violet Glass Jar with Screw Cap in a Reusable / Biodegradable Black Tube Jar


    2 Milliliters Sample (Fluid) - $22 USD

    Amber Glass Vial with Dropper Cap in a Reusable / Biodegradable Black Box


    The Materia kin to this collection represents a series of workings in time that cannot and will not be recreated. These offerings will only be available to the public as long as they are in stock here. 


    By purchasing, the buyer acknowledges the following:


    1. Blood-Lace was made and marked by the hands of another practitioner; therefore, the usage of it is inadvertantly of a collaborative nature. Respect of the Materia in all circumstances is expected.


    2. Blood-Lace was crafted for devotional purposes only. Malefic or manipulative intent while working with this Materia is anathema.


    3. It is expected that the user has employed proper spiritual hygiene prior to and while working with this Materia. The Altar(ed) Slate holds no responsibility for undesired results due to lack of basic magical maintenance.


    4. Some ingredients in Blood-Lace have documented emmenagogic and/or abortifacient properties. Therefore, we advise against using if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. 


    As with all offerings specific to our Black Moon Lilith Collection, a portion of Blood-Lace's proceeds will be donated to The Brigid Alliance, a travel fund for those who do not have access to abortion healthcare in the US.

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