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Redolent of night flowers in bloom, Grave Nest is a richly-warming & trance-inducing incense duo, offering a sensuous love-kill impression, of sweet fang & fur musked.


Possibilities for Usage:

-for impregnating an atmosphere with the spirit of invitation, welcoming Her presence, & opening the door to communication

-for opening the third eye, enhancing visual clarity in rite & in dream


Note: These are warming incenses, fashioned using techniques specific to nerikoh, kyphi, and bakhoor; thus, we advise against burning directly on charcoal. Burning in such a manner can scorch the resins and naturally-occuring sugars toward the end of the burn and possibly result in an unpleasant sensorial experience. By warming the incense, the user can experience the multi-layered olfactory nuances present in the elements as they were married. This was crafted to be an intimate encounter, as it was in the making. The warming can last for several hours and imbue an entire room with the incense's signature.


We suggest warming on: 

-an electric incense burner heated between 180 - 210 degrees

-a tealight burner / essential oil infuser / wax warmer (Place the incense atop a small piece of foil or screen in the dish above the tealight.)

-a mica plate of 2mm thickness or greater atop a lit charcoal

-atop a piece of foil on a stovetop set to low heat 


Note: If burning is desired, we suggest doing so after the incense has been spent on the warmer.




Resins of Socotran Kua Myrrh, Somalian Opoponax, Cretan Labdanum, & Madagascan Elemi Macerated in Apple Brandy Impregnated with the Familial Fauna Kin to Our Lady, Woods of Moroccan Atlas Cedar, Indonesian Sandal, & Sri Lankan Cinnamon, Leaves of Western Red Cedar, Mexican Damiana, Albanian Wormwood, & Common Catnip, Blossoms of Bulgarian Rose & Egyptian Blue Lotus, Thorns of Sweetbriar & Wild Blackberry, Roots of Appalachian Spikenard & Indian Costus, Seeds of Indian Green Cardamom & Musk Mallow, the Plucked Seedlings of Opium Poppy & Datura Inoxia, a Binding of Black Cherry & Juniper Berry Soaked in Pomegranate Wine & Pacific Northwest Blackberry Blossom Honey, Concluding with a Dredging in Dust of Ages from this Collection



Western Red Cedar Leaf & Branch Wood, Yemeni Myrrh, Indonesian Sandalwood, Blue Tansy Leaf, Indian Vetiver Root, Braeburn Apple, Turkish Fig, Common Juniper Berry, Eurasian Bilberry, Bulgarian Rose, Tiger Lily & Opium Poppy Petal, Morrocan Saffron Thread, Indian Green Cardamom, Thorns of the Datura Inoxia Pod, Serpent Shed, & Pacific Northwest Blackberry Blossom Honey

"GRAVE NEST"—A Thurifying Incense Duo for Lilithian Devotion


    Ritually-crafted by THE ALTAR(ED) SLATE 

    for the Black Moon Lilith Collection


    Editions & Price Point:

    28 Grams Full Size - $77 USD

    Miron Violet Glass Jar with Screw Cap in a Reusable / Biodegradable Black Tube Jar — includes a sculpting tool for manipulating (cutting, piecing, lifting, etc.) the incense within the jar


    5 Grams Sample - $22 USD

    Black Glass Jar with Screw Cap in a Reusable / Biodegradable Black Box (Note: this option is offered in a loose format—pastilles and nest fragments—rather than the full nest format.)


    The Materia kin to this collection represents a series of workings in time that cannot and will not be recreated. These offerings will only be available to the public as long as they are in stock here. 


    By purchasing, the buyer acknowledges the following:


    1. Grave Nest was made and marked by the hands of another practitioner; therefore, the usage of it is inadvertantly of a collaborative nature. Respect of the Materia in all circumstances is expected.


    2. Grave Nest was crafted for devotional purposes only. Malefic or manipulative intent while working with this Materia is anathema.


    3. It is expected that the user has employed proper spiritual hygiene prior to and while working with this Materia. The Altar(ed) Slate holds no responsibility for undesired results due to lack of basic magical maintenance.


    4. Some ingredients in Grave Nest have documented emmenagogic and/or abortifacient properties. Therefore, we advise against using if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. 


    As with all offerings specific to our Black Moon Lilith Collection, a portion of Grave Nest's proceeds will be donated to The Brigid Alliance, a travel fund for those who do not have access to abortion healthcare in the US.

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