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OTHER OF BEETLES I:III: Spring Equinox MMXX Release

It may seem a strange time to be releasing creative work when much feels uncertain in the world, but we are dedicated to our quarterly publishing schedule, and we also hope that this work will offer companionship and intrigue as earthly concerns erupt around us all. As many of us face weeks and potential months of isolation, we will be turning more and more deeply to the arts to feed our spirits. Our intention is to provide sustenance.

Thus, the time has come—We officially release OTHER OF BEETLES: Ossuary Erotica, Volume I: Issue III. Within its pages: four new stories, traversing insatiable wounds, mirrors of blood, hunting grounds, and a body as graveyard, including a two-part collaborative story by Heatherlie Allison & Patricia Cram written under the guidance of divination, dreamwork, and ritual action carried out across a period of six weeks.

Enter otherworlds HERE.

Trailer soundscape from Pangea Ultima by SUTEKH HEXEN and Orb Weaver Collective

Also, limited quantities of WATCHER incense are now available for purchase, formulated specifically by Janine Hagal of Black Earth Botanica to accompany the thematics of this release.

We welcome with you the surging of a most mysterious spring!


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