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Other of Beetles Releases Initiatory Issue

The Altar(ed) Slate and Snakeroot Works are proud to present:

OTHER OF BEETLES: Ossuary Erotica, a quarterly series whose initiatory volume we hereby release on this day, the Autumnal Equinox of MMXIX.

The bones of taboo enliven within—where pain and desire are fed, the transgressive is written to incite transcension. Two authors, four stories, all giving space for the fractured bones of the Other.

OTHER OF BEETLES is rooted in the enigmatic-erotic. Challenging the linearity of conventional eroticism, we offer our readership a quarterly escape from the traditional fiction-reading experience, one that engages with an array of unexpected sensations in unexpected settings in the processing of the carnal.

Stories by:

Heatherlie Allison and Patricia Cram 32 pages, hand-crafted, and printed on recycled paper.

To purchase print issue, go HERE.

To purchase digital issue, go HERE.


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