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OTHER OF BEETLES II:IV: Summer Solstice MMXXI Release

Solstice Greetings!

As the sun’s rays infuse us with this longest day, we welcome summer and hereby release:

Volume II: Issue IV.

This season, we conclude our second volume with both a print issue and an incense. With this issue, we also close two years of quarterly offerings, and we hereby announce that we will be taking a break from publishing for the coming year, though we are not without our scheming!

Now, with great esteem, we present the work of two guest contributors for our summer edition: returning author, Robert Fitzgerald, and emerging writer, Branimira Belegova. With them, we have penned tales of light and flight, encircling the body-as-landscape, mountains seeped in an ancestral curse, the prophetic threads of tapestry, and the diagrammatic soul-anatomy of the scarab.

Purchase Print Issue HERE.

View Trailer HERE.

Alongside our issue, we release its accompaniment: PORTALFLARE: Garlands of Daggers, ARISE!

Conductive and faceted, PORTALFLARE honors the sun of self. A seduction of the solar plexus, this incense invites self-determination and autonomy, charging mirrors with truth. It rises to your occasion; it is poised and psychedelic. Crafted by hand in ceremony, PORTALFLARE imbues confidence with tenacity, encouraging positive reflection and gilded purpose where soul meets sun and flares.

We close this aeon of OTHER OF BEETLES with an expression of gratitude. The materia for our incense this past year has often come from the land on which we each live: Ohlone, Chochenyo, and Muwekma Territories in the Bay Area, California and Coast Salish and Muckleshoot Territories in Washington State. All proceeds from PORTALFLARE will be evenly split between two recipients: The Sogorea Te’s Shuumi Land Tax, which rematriates and returns Indigenous land to Indigenous people, and Real Rent Duwamish, which works to revive Duwamish culture and the vitality of the Duwamish Tribe of Western Washington. Please join us in supporting the first peoples of these lands.


We hope this day finds your heart alight in the fires of creativity.


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