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Cutting the cords of winter in welcome of the equinox, we hereby release:

Volume II: Issue III

In this season’s stories, we have invited renewal and illumination, each tale a guide into realms of mystery: myrrhbearers crossing the boundaries of an orchard crypt, a midwife tempting a roiling river of retribution, a woman of the night walking a corpse road, and a junkie-in-mourning traversing the land of the dead.

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View Trailer HERE.

Alongside our issue, we release its accompaniment:

LAMPLIGHT: A Ceremonial Incense for Safe Passage from the Under

Dark and earthen but lit from within, LAMPLIGHT interrogates deep corridors and offers a familiar hand to those who journey through transition. Each of its components has been merged in ritual: selected, blended, and hand-rolled with the intention of supporting purgation and releasing tethers that no longer serve. LAMPLIGHT offers its rays for sanctifying dream space, trance work, grief work, shedding, and renewal. As its smoke rises, it encourages clear vision. It is a steadfast companion in the labyrinth.

All proceeds from LAMPLIGHT will be donated to Red Canary Song, a transnational coalition of Asian and migrant massage and sex workers who work for labor rights, mutual aid, and the decriminalization of sex work. Too often the targets of dehuminization, criminalization, and violence, each and every sex worker deserves respect and dignity. We at Other of Beetles mourn in love and solidarity. #RightsNotRaids #SexWorkIsWork


We are grateful for you and wish a verdant spring for all!


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