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THE ALTAR(ED) SLATE is an inspirited literary platform publishing vision-compatible works and offering professional manuscript evaluation, writing guidance, and curriculum design services.


THE ALTAR(ED) SLATE applies a methodical yet devotional approach to writing as a form of art-making. Kindled by a transpersonal shift away from ordinary awareness, the act of creation becomes a deeply relational one – between the self and ‘other,’ or, that which moves through. The product: one that is stratified with substance, subtext, and subtlety.


From Latin, the root altare originally implied a raising of fire to the sacred. Within this seed of rising, a sense of verticality is suggested, that what is made high once incubated from below. Thus, a dynamic stream of communication is established, a bridge of transmission wherein the altar becomes a luminary axis-point, or threshold of expression.



In this light, the altar-as-concept is not enough, as the altar is not a static entity. If altar(ed) expression becomes the intent, one must consider actively integrating it into both critical and creative praxes. It is from the spirit of integration that we begin.



Other of Beetles:

Ossuary Erotica

The Altar(ed) Slate and Snakeroot Works are proud to present:

OTHER OF BEETLES: Ossuary Erotica,

 a quarterly publication that interrogates both spirit and flesh.


OTHER OF BEETLES: The bones of taboo enliven within—where pain and desire are fed, the transgressive is written to incite transcension. Two authors, four stories, all giving space for the fractured bones of the Other.


Read the Annotated Table of Contents for Volume I: Issue I HERE.

for Volume I: Issue II HERE.


THE ALTAR(ED) SLATE will be publishing select works considered on the basis of compatible thematic content. Manuscripts examined should inspire an altar(ed) state of being within the author, the reader, and/or the text itself.

Current themes of interest:

Sacrifice, crossroads, descent, atavistic communion, ancestral reunification 



OTHER OF BEETLES: Ossuary Erotica will be produced seasonally, each issue forthcoming on the equinoxes and solstices. A collaboration between The Altar(ed) Slate and Snakeroot Works. Purchase current issue HERE.

CORA CORDIUM: Written and illustrated by Heatherlie Allison, a collection of short stories conveying the sacrificial nature of motherhood. Mother figures abound, all monstrous, life-giving, and life-rescinding. Published by The Altar(ed) Slate in collaboration with Snakeroot Works and In Solace Publishing.


Read selected excerpt HERE.


THE ALTAR(ED) SLATE welcomes collaborative inquiries from a multiplicity of voices: non-conformist writers, artists, practitioners, and educators whose work inspirits the fires of transformation. 





THE ALTAR(ED) SLATE offers assistance to writers, artists, practitioners, educators, and students who seek the transformative potential within their writing.


Whether the nature of your project is:

  • Personal, experiential, and/or exploratory

  • Short-form or book-length: fiction, poetry, essays, and hybrid forms

  • Results driven: academic writing, publications, applications, communications, etc.

  • Fueled by the desire to effectively instruct


THE ALTAR(ED) SLATE will craft a personalized prescriptive designed to infuse your work with potency.





For the past 14 years, THE ALTAR(ED) SLATE's curator, Heatherlie Allisonhas been writing, developing, and analyzing texts in professional, artistic, and academic settings. She has worked as a writer, editor, educator, and curriculum designer, assisting writers both published and unpublished, ranging in age from pre-teen to the elderly.


To learn more about Ms. Allison's work and interests, please visit her personal website HERE.  


  • Facilitating support and/or action plans for writers of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, scholarly, and hybrid forms

  • Deciphering the transformative potential present in a work

  • Advising writers through emotional and/or psychological barriers hindering output

  • Generating prescriptive exercises of an experiential nature that will enhance the multidimensionality of a work

  • Locating areas of a text that could benefit from either the addition or excision of figurative technique or more grounding language choices

  • Guiding readers as they navigate the nuances of literature


"I have been working with Heatherlie Allison for the last ten years. Without a doubt, she is a scholar of concepts and language, often pressing the boundaries of form. She has taught me a lot about the power of being present in my work and becoming open to the idea of writing as its own entity. This has helped me discover a sense of play and more humility in my writing. In our discussions, she has been unfailingly creative and thorough, adding the richness of her aesthetic preferences and her knowledge of the arts and culture. I find her to be a warm, ebullient, and compassionate professional, truly committed to the craft of writing; I cannot recommend her highly enough."


"Heatherlie Allison's skill as a reader and editor is masterful. I have never worked with anyone more insightful. She has a penetrating eye that simultaneously perceives multiple levels of a work, and she has helped me transform multiple projects. I have sought her expertise on everything from a novel-length work to short stories, and in every case, her questions and feedback have helped me produce work that is more grounded, more rigorous, and more effective. Heatherlie Allison possesses a rare level of discernment from which my work has undoubtedly benefitted, and I trust her processes completely."


"Heatherlie is a force to witness in action. She intuitively pulls from where genius resides in each of her students. As writing becomes their newfound medium of empowerment, I have watched them unfold in ways that I have not seen before. I have also consulted Heatherlie as an editor to help improve my own writing. She has worked with me in a similar fashion to her students. The engagement of her critiques is beyond what I have encountered. She has helped me realize (without stating it) how attachment to my first drafts has stifled the efficacy of my thinking, and hence the quality of the writing itself. I have much respect for the guiding talents of this woman."





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