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SANCTUM: An Incense for Banishing Oppressive States and Invoking Sacred Change


Because there are many other voices that deserve our attention at this time, we at Other of Beetles have decided that we will not release a printed issue of short stories for the Summer Solstice. What will instead stand as our fourth issue is SANCTUM: An Incense for Banishing Oppressive States and Invoking Sacred Change. All proceeds will be donated to the Black Trans Protestors Emergency Fund, an initiative by The Okra ProjectBlack Trans Femmes in the ArtsFor the Gworls, and the Black Trans Travel Fund to support Black trans protestors with resources, medical care, and bail. ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER.


This incense was originally conceived as we began writing the stories for the conclusion of volume one. We crafted the incense to serve not only as a companion to the reading experience, but also to consecrate a protected space within the anxiety and uncertainty generated by the pandemic. However, this intention changed in the throes of the powerful shift we have witnessed in recent weeks: a mass awakening to the plague that is white supremacy. We now release SANCTUM as an offering to energetically and monetarily support the fight against racism. Every day that its ingredients have fused in the curing process, we have imbued this incense with the call to heal. 


Crafted with herbs that have usage across our Earth for their cleansing and protective powers. Burn to uplift and empower all those who are fighting against systemic white supremacy and the colonized mind. Burn to consecrate the dream-into-being that is an antiracist future. May we all be in deep conversation with our ancestors, preparing and activating, protecting all who seek justice, and examining what privileges we can redistribute to our shared future. 



California Bay Laurel, Eucalyptus, Mugwort, Salvia, Peppertree Resin, and Opium Poppy reverently harvested from Ohlone and Chochenyo Territory / Bay Area, California. Also contains local Honey and Red Wine, Juniper Berries, Frankincense, and Palo Santo.


Limited Edition: 8 handmade balls of incense in a collectible tin.

$10 per tin / or $13 with 8 squares of natural charcoal.


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